Who you are, what you do, and where you are.

ALFURSAN TEL & IT. is a solution provider company specialized in security, identity proof and solar systems. In its early steps since 2003 ALFURSAN was established to improve e-services provided to government and private sectors and has gained customers trust in very short time by providing high-end quality guaranteed solutions. ALFURSAN TEL & IT is keen to contribute to the massive technical movement our beloved country is moving towards by supporting the future vision of 2030, to be market leaders in all services we are specialized in.

It is pleasure to present Ontime system, the first T&A system in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. This system implemented in more than 50 government location such as Ministries, Universities, Agencies and companies.
Ontime designed to help you to obtain attendance reports of your employees in easy way, and to ensure that employees adhere to the official working hours of the organization in order to achieve the productivity in accordance with the ambitious vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

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